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Our Story

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Our family was born and raised here in Amarillo, Texas. Darren and Kamala Goodheart have called Amarillo home since 1983, Kamala attending Texas Tech University and Darren graduating from Amarillo College. Between starting a family and being young entrepreneurs, Darren and Kamala have always had a presence in Amarillo and the surrounding panhandle communities.

Our first restaurant opened in Dumas, Texas, in 2009. At the time, our children were both starting their college studies. Our son was a Red Raider at Texas Tech University, and our daughter was a Fighting Texas Aggie at Texas A&M. At the time, both schools were part of the Big 12, and our family was a true house divided.

After graduating, both of our kids Bray and Kenzee married and started their careers. Each couple has a dedicated showcase of school spirit in our sports bar with the exact replicas of our class rings wrapped around each AC duct. The red and black duct has Bray and Tiffany's, and the maroon and white has Matt and Kenzee's class rings.

Both kids started their careers working for corporations and living the big city life. At the Thanksgiving table, the idea of a truly family owned and operated restaurant in our hometown was born. Three years later and with three generations of family coming together, Darren, Kamala, Bray, Tiffany, Matt and Kenzee would like to welcome you to House Divided.

Guns Up and Gig 'Em! - The Goodhearts & Hyvls

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